Skin and Speech

Fear Power God
Fear Power God
Release fall 2000

The Birth of Tragedy Magazine's Spoken Word/Graven Image Fear Power God is, for the first time ever, available on CD. Ripped from the pages of this seminal publications early issues and featuring spoken word pieces, soundscapes, and philosophical mediations and ramblings from a cast of character criminals that includes -- Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Anton La Vey from the Church of Satan, Henry Rollins, Charles Manson, Lydia Lunch, Jello Biafra, Matt Heckert former sound designer for Survival Research Labs -- Fear Power God contains some of the most trenchant and disturbing material to ever be assembled in one place at one time.

-Allen Ginsberg -Lawrence Ferlinghetti -Anton La Vey -Henry Rollins -Charles Manson -Lydia Lunch -Jello Biafra -Matt Heckert -Mr. V.O.Real - Whipping Boy



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