Skin and Speech

16-17 - The Johnson Noise
Release 2001

Collection of early live material. Released on the cassette Buffbunker & Hardcore and on the first 2 records '16-17' and '16-17 - When All Else Fails'. 16-17, in both it's formalism and it's wild disregard of standard morality, leaves you feeling like you've been mugged: Dizzy and a few dollars lighter.

Live Collection 1986-89
1-Davul 2-Bomba, Bomba 3-Watch! 4-Sneak Preview 5-Pedestrian Dub 6-Clap Trap

16-17 Gyatso

Re-release of this groundbreaking record previously released by Pathological Records. Produced by Kevin Martin, features G. Green from Godflesh on bass.'(...) perhaps one of the most important jazz records of our time', Simon Hopkins, The Wire.

1-Attack->Impulse 2-Intravenous 3-Vertebrae 4-Fall of the West 5-Black and Blue 6-Two-way Mirror 7-The Trawler 8-Motor 9-Flamethrower 10-Solo 11-White out 12-The Trawler (Dredged up Mix)13-Motor (Alien Body Mix).

16-17 The Johnson Noise

Original recording of the1997 record (that was later transformed into the dhr release produced by K-Mart). Based on Buess' polyrhythmic and complex composition. Wertmüller(drums), Bennett (bass) and Buess walk it like they talk it: Tight and hard.

The Johnson Noise


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