Skin and Speech

What's new on Skin And Speech? Well - obviously we are finally online with our website! You can now check all our wonderful releases and find first infos on our acts. Please also check our link page to find your way directly to the artists' own homepages.

Beside that we are busy with various non-Skin and Speech projects and with the first releases:

Cortex is on its way to the pressing plant in Switzerland, Fear Power God being remastered in October at San Francisco and Carthage is writing pieces in long nighttime sessions in Bristol. 16-17 and Mangene re-masterings, new mixes and productions will be in work hopefully early next year.


December 6, 2000
Cortex at Tonart, Kunstmuseum Bern / Museum of Fine Arts, Berne, Switzerland
due to be Broadcasted on Swiss national radio DRS2

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