Manuel Liebeskind about history and relevance of 16-17, and some context

Original liner notes for Gyatso, by Jason Pettigrew


Skin & Speech 001 / Praxis 59

Artist: 16-17

Title: Gyatso

Release: February 2021

Format: Vinyl & digital download

Alex Buess – Reeds

Knut Remond – Drums

Markus Kneubühler – Guitar

and as a special guest: G.C.Green – Bass

Remastered by Alex Buess in 2020

Vinyl cut by Shane the Cutter at Finyltweek.

Gyatso was originally released 1994 as a CD only by Kevin Martin’s Pathological label Produced by Kevin Martin 2008 re-released on Savageland, also on CD

This is the first new release of Skin & Speech, proudly presented in collaboration with Praxis Records

The vinyl edition contains 6 tracks and includes the download for the full 13 track album.