Live 2021

Skin & Speech live001

Artist: A_R_C_C

Title: Live at Xciting Festival 2021

Release: August 2023

Format: Digital download

Arnaud Rivière and c_c

Sound Engineering / Recording: Chris Dorfmüller

Mastered by Alex Buess

Since 2014 Arnaud Rivière and c_c are joining forces in the Association de Recherche Contre le Concert (Research Association Against Concert). Around a table full of cheap electronic equipment (feedbacking 4-tracks tape, broken turntable, prepared mixer, unsync drum machines,…) they melt beats and noise and also sometimes noise and beats. They’re bursting sloping dancefloor music and noise sharpened sound system. Improvised on the fly and playfully full of energy, musical propositions of the lopsided duo are a matter of gesture and failures. It’s a matter of fact : we’re writing anything !

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Xciting is a festival in Stuttgart, Germany, presenting a wide range of innovating creative artists organised and curated by Matski Aerts and Moritz Junkermann.