A Caravan in Equilibrium

Skin & Speech main005

Artist: Atlaskopko

Title: A Caravan in Equilibrium

Release: January 2024

Format: Vinyl + Digital download

Markus Jud: Sax and Electronics

Tobi Madörin: E-Bass, Rebab

Role Schmid: Drums

Manuel Liebeskind: Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin

Dani Meyer: Electronics

Markus Kneubühler: Synthesizers and Electronics

All tracks composed by: Markus Jud

Recorded by Alex Buess @ Wolf281 Studios, Basel 1994

Mixed by Markus Jud, 2023

Mastered by Alex Buess @ Wolf281 Studios, Basel 2023

Lacquer Cut by Adi Flück @ Centraldubs, Bern

Titles generated by Andreas Kreie KreienbühlElvin Brandhi

Atlaskopko was initiated by Markus Jud in 1987 and was at the beginning more of a musical project than a band, a descendant of the group Ix-Ex-Splue with their hypnotic improvisations and meditative noise orgies to experimental industrial/noise rock. This description also fits the current production of Atlas Kopko. Atlas Kopko is a follow-up band to Ix-Ex-Splue, but with an expanded musical vocabulary that additionally includes a strong tendency towards cinematic music. The creative element of improvisation also takes a more subordinated role in Atlas Kopko's new album and, since the recordings made in 1994 were very carefully done, brought the possibility of transferring these over 29 year old recordings into the present time through current mixing and production techniques. Atlas Kopko consists in this production of musicians , who were at that time all involved in the Basel experimental music scene and partly still are today. Since the Skin And Speech label was also founded at that time, it was so to speak necessary to make this exciting, diverse production accessible to the public..

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