Live 2023

Skin & Speech live006

Artist: Lu​í​s Fernandes

Title: Live at Xciting Festival 2023

Release: January 2024

Format: Digital download

All instruments played by Luís Fernandes

Sound Engineering / Recording: Matski Aerts

Mastered by Alex Buess

Luís Fernandes' artistic activity has been marked by a multiplicity of approaches and formats, divided into collective projects, occasional collaborations and individual work; by performances, composition and exhibition; and by the establishment of relationships with different disciplines. His career has been marked by encounters with a wide range of artists, including Hans-Joachim Roedelius/Qluster, Black Bombaim, Rhys Chatham, Pierce Warnecke, André Gonçalves, Lloyd Cole, Lisbon Metropolitan Orquestra, João Pedro Rodrigues / João Rui Guerra da Mata or Salomé Lamas. In 2019 Fernandes added a new dimension to his individual activity, with the release of "Demora" (Room40) and "Seis Peças Sintetizadas" (Holuzam), albums that he signed, for the first time, in his own name. It is from this body of work that a new stage on his career is settled. His last record "A guide to getting lost" (Revolve) and the exploration of real-time electronics was the starting point for a series of shows, in which Fernandes weaves particular compositions in the moment, walking a fine line between the possibility of error and the dazzle of discovery. His performance at the Xciting Festival 2023 was one of the first in this series.

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Xciting is a festival in Stuttgart, Germany, presenting a wide range of innovating creative artists organised and curated by Matski Aerts and Moritz Junkermann.