not here but under the sea

Skin & Speech ​​​​​S​|​S CINE​​​/​​​AMBI001​​​​

Artist: Thomas Schulz

Title: not here but under the sea

Release: November 2023

Format: Vinyl + Digital download

THE EUROPEAN SCULPTURE …but under the sea

William Coleman - voice

Shelley Hirsch - vocals

Thomas Schulz - Voice - Thomas


Monika Hansen-Sander - Voice

Thomas Schulz - voice

Renate Wollowski - voice

Written and directed by Thomas Schulz

Sound engineering by Heiko Rüsse

Edited by Manuel Liebeskind

Mastered by Alex Buess

Additional graphic works by Roger Graf

Lacquer cut for vinyl by Adrian Flück @ Centraldubs, Bern

Thomas Schulz (1950-2021), predominantly perceived as a visual artist, has continuously been as much a sound researcher and sound designer and a musical improvisor as well. Listening to John Cage and attending an early concert of the Seesselberg brothers awakes his interest in sound and composition, but he claims, that he has had no interest in using electronic instruments „as long as we haven‘t explored the endless possibilities the acoustic sounds of the materials offer when you put your efforts into listening and into treating them.“

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