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may 27, 2021

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on LIEBESKIND.TV Manuel Liebeskind writes about history and relevance of 16-17, and gives you some context

on the Praxis Records website, the original Gyatso liner notes by Jason Pettigrew

Preorder Gyatso

december 26, 2021

Skin & Speech 001 / Praxis 59

Artist: 16-17

Title: Gyatso

Release date: mid/late February 2021

Format: Vinyl & digital download

Alex Buess – Reeds

Knut Remond – Drums

Markus Kneubühler – Guitar

and as a special guest, G.C.Green – Bass

Remastered by Alex Buess in 2020

Vinyl cut by Shane the Cutter at Finyltweek.

Preorder now and get 3 exclusive additional bonus tracks, recorded live 1995 at Taktlos Festival Zurich, featuring Alex Buess, Michael Wertmueller, Damian Bennett. Available only during presale period.

Gyatso was originally released 1994 as a CD only by Kevin Martin’s Pathological label Produced by Kevin Martin 2008 re-released on Savageland, also on CD

This is the first new release of Skin & Speech, proudly presented in collaboration with Praxis Records

The vinyl edition contains 6 tracks and includes the download for the full 13 track album.

update february 23, 2021: With the release of Gyatso the bonus tracks have been removed

Forming SAS

October 12, 2020

A new website for an old label, a long living idea that takes form soon. Or should I say more form?

SKIN AND SPEECH was originally founded by Alex Buess, has released in casette form in the 1980ies and is now carried on by Alex Buess, Manuel Liebeskind and Eugene S. Robinson in a modernized form. With big plans and small budgets, Skin and Speech is bound to release stuff that has well been worth being heard at the time as much as it is now and in the forseeable future.

Releases may take digital forms or traditional forms that are still being used.